Conjunctivitis in Cats Explanation along with the Causes

Conjunctivitis in Cats

Pink eye or conjunctivitis in cats is actually possible. In fact, this is considered the most common eye health problem for cats. The cat’s infected eye turned red and looked irritated. It causes great discomfort for the cat. The condition is highly prevalent among kittens under a month old. However, as the cat grows older, it can experience pink eye every once in a while. There are several possible causes for cat eye infection in cats.

Feline Herpes Virus

Every cat is able to contract feline herpes virus. It is a contagious virus that can cause cat eye infection. Humans should not be worry though, because this virus is not able to get to them. Pink eye in cats happens because the herpes virus causes inflammation in the cat’s eyelid. Typically, symptom of eye discharge also occurs. If you have other cats in the house, it will be better to separate your healthy cats from the infected one to prevent contamination.


Allergens in Cat’s Products

Another possible cause of this eye condition in cats is allergens that can be found in cat’s products such as its soap and shampoo. Since cat’s body is delicate, products available in the market tend to be hypoallergenic. But sometimes, the cat is not able to handle even the slightest amount of allergen. Cat can experience pink eye because of unsuitable products. If the cause is allergens, then the pink eye is not contagious.

Eye Parts Disorder

Disorder in eye parts can also cause conjunctivitis in cats. The cat’s cornea, eyelid, and even its tear ducts can be the issue. A common case is that the failure of cat’s eye to produce sufficient tears. Because of it, the cat’s eyes become really dry. The cornea and conjunctiva gland will be inflamed. This inflammation leads to symptoms we associate with pink eye. Eye tumors can also be the cause of pink eye. It is better if the condition is detected as early as possible.

Chlamydophila Infection

Bacterial infection can also be the cause of it. Chlamydophila is the most common bacteria that cause eye inflammation. Symptoms of pink eye will appear once the bacteria affects cat. It is also accompanied by other symptoms that are related to cat’s upper respiratory disorder. In this condition, the pink eye can actually be transferred to other cats, although moderately.

Those are the possible causes for inflammation in the eye area experienced by cat. Cat owners must be mindful of the reasons before treating conjunctivitis in cats.

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